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March 2014:  Added Raw Cha Cha Chocolates to our Local Foods Resources list.  Find them under Groceries & Small Producers.
December 2013:  Added links to recent Wise Traditions conference; Added new Recipe Files page.

Sep 5, 2012:  Added Old Silvana Creamery to our Local Foods resources list.

Sep 2, 2012:  Added new section for anyone new to eating properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods:  Transitioning to Real Foods

June 25, 2012:  Updated "Essential Wellness, LLC" - Joanell Tylor's entry under Practitioners page.

June 6, 2012:  June Bellingham WAPF Chapter meeting cancelled; instead we will attend the Skagit Chapter meeting on Thursday June 14th.  See Calendar for details and directions.

Mar 31, 2012:  Updated "Practical Fitness LLC" - Valerie Kuphaldt's entry under Practitioners page.  Valerie has earned a new certification!!

Feb 18, 2012:  Added new web page link - FarmResilience.org under Links/Blogs in the Local Blogs section.  Check out the 2 1/2 minute video - way to go, Gigi!

Jan 12, 2012:  Updated "In Pastures Green" - Joe & Linda Murphy's farm entry under Local Foods page.

Jan 3, 2012:  Updated Links/Blogs page and added speakers' websites from 2011 Wise Traditions conference

Dec 26, 2011:  Added January chapter meeting and February fermentation class to Events Calendar