Transitioning to Real Foods

Do you want to improve what you and your family eat? Does it seem that everyone has a different opinion of what is best to eat? Who to believe? The Weston A Price Foundation (of which we are a local chapter) publishes a list of 20 dietary guidelines. The list boils down to a diet of whole foods that are nutrient dense and properly prepared. It's a great list but where to begin? What are the first steps?

This section is designed to give you those tools. In this age of industrialized, processed food products, making this transition can be daunting. I've divided our food decisions up into eight categories. You can start anywhere and proceed at your own pace. I recommend going SLOWLY to give yourself time to incorporate the changes into your daily routine.

Under each category, I list three steps. Step 1 is something to add while step 2 asks you to give something up. Step 3 involves improving the quality of that food category. These steps are in order of difficulty, with step 1 being the easiest. You can stay in one category working your way through the steps or try step 1 in all categories before moving to step 2.  At the bottom of this screen, you can download a one-page checklist of all the steps. You can post it on your refrigerator to track your progress.

To increase your level of success, under each category look for Money Saving Tips [Tips], Handy Tricks [Trick] and Trades or Swaps [Trade].

At the end of each section I give suggestions of where to go for more information – a book to read and links to one article and one website. Transitioning to Real Foods can be challenging but also fun and DELICIOUS!

MAKING CHOICES: Everyday our food choices not only affect our health, our pocketbook, and our environment but can reflect our values. Choosing real foods is activism at the family level yet it affects national and global issues. Choose a category below to begin:

  1. Water & Other Beverages
  2. Fats & Oils
  3. Seeds, Grains, Nuts, Beans
  4. Vegetables & More Vegetables
  5. Meats & Eggs
  6. Dairy Foods
  7. Fruits & Sweets
  8. Eating Habits

compiled by Linda J. Fels, NTP
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

            Linda Fels,
            Apr 19, 2013, 3:42 AM